Guild of Guardians Mobile Demo Gameplay | The Sandbox Contest Twitter 2022

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Guild of Guardians recently announced on Twitter that players can now take part in the initial alpha. It is now open for registration and will be an off-chain, mobile, testing experience. Over in The Sandbox, Guild of Guardians has a special challenge with a prize pool of 1500 GOG tokens up for grabs!

With a year of development under their belts since they launched their first NFTs, Guild of Guardians prepares to put a pre-alpha demo into the hands of selected users. This alpha test phase will be for mobile only, supporting both iOS and Android devices with the following minimum requirements:

Android: Samsung S8, Nokia 7.2 or similar with at least 3GB RAM.iOS: iPhone 8 Plus or iPad Pro 12.9(2017)

To apply fill out the form on this page –

No official launch date has been announced yet for this alpha, but the team says it will be in first half of 2022. The pre-alpha will be off-chain for testing purposes, so don’t expect to accumulate permanent tokens and NFTs. But there will be incentives for participating and giving useful feedback.

Guild of Guardians Sandbox Contest

In an interesting cross-over event, Guild of Guardians has created their own Sandbox experience and begun a contest around it. Apparently, the Guild of Guardians HQ social hub is under attack from zombies!

The announcement article also mentions the Walking Dead. So perhaps they’ve acquired and are using some of the special Walking Dead NFTs? If so, I love it! The interconnected-ness of these projects and their willingness to support each other just gives further proof that something special is happening in the blockchain space!

Guild of Guardians Sandbox event

Guild of Guardians Sandbox Event

Getting to the contest can be a little tricky. Signing up for a Sandbox account and downloading the Game Maker is easy. Finding a specific game is not. Sandbox is still in alpha stages, so there are definitely rough edges. One of them being the inability to search through the published experiences! There are thousands of them! And being forced to page through the entire list in reverse chronological order to find the one you want, is not a pleasant experience.

But, luckily, a third party has stepped up the plate and created a helpful tool. Though this tool won’t put you right on the experience that you’re looking for, it will tell you where to find it. Use this spreadsheet to search for GOG HQ and find on what page in the Game Maker you can access it.

Once in game, you can complete a tutorial quest if you’re new to Sandbox. This quest can be found to the left and down the stairs. Otherwise, to jump into the main action, access the Portal on the right called “Save GOG HQ”. Make sure to speak to both quest givers and activate both quests. When you’ve completed the quests, take a screenshot of the Victory screen and fill out this form –

The challenge must be completed and the form submitted by Monday, March 7th, 2022 11:59 pm EST. You can read the official press release from GoG here.

Sandbox Challenge Rewards

Rewards for the Sandbox challenge comes in two types. The first, a pool of GOG tokens, will be distributed based on which faction has the most victories (sign up for a faction in the GoG Discord if you plan on playing this event). 23 random players from the top place faction receive 100 GOG tokens. 15 players from the second place faction and 12 players from the third place faction also receive 100 tokens. To be eligible for this pool, you must have completed the quest and filled out and submitted the official form.

The second reward pool goes all players who complete the challenge. Each player will receive a special Guild of Guardians Shield NFT for Sandbox. These NFTs will never be minted again. One lucky winner will receive a 1 of 1 mythic version. And while most players will receive a standard Shield, 10% of the Shields will be ‘Warrior’ versions, and 2% will be ‘Elite’.

What is Guild of Guardians?

Guild of Guardians is a cooperative, fantasy, action, dungeon crawler game, currently in development on the Ethereum blockchain. Players gather in groups of four to enter dungeons, battle through monsters, defeat dangerous bosses, and walk away with experience and treasure. The game uses NFTs for all of its heroes, items, and pets.

Guild of Guardians is taking a mobile first approach for their game. Guild of Guardians has already had a couple of rounds of NFT releases and also launched their token, GOG. The NFTs can be traded on Immutable X, and the token (GOG) can be found on all the ETH DEXs.

Their roadmap shows alpha testing for 2022, and a beta launch in 2023.

Guild of Guardians roadmap

Guild of Guardians Roadmap

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