Rare Gods Unchained Hyperion NFT Game Card Ranks Top 5 Most Expensive

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A rare game card in Gods Unchained has claimed 4th position in coveted Top 5 list of most expensive crypto NFTs ever sold.

There is a lot of money moving through crypto, and a good portion of it can be found in the cryptogaming part of the market – but just how much?

Well, nobody knows the exact figures, but thanks to the transparent nature of blockchain transactions, we can have a look at some of the most expensive crypto purchases ever made – so we rounded up the most expensive ones we could find, excluding things like land. Crypto land purchases are a whole different animal and somewhat often have million+ price tags – we’re focusing only on characters, items and gaming collectibles here!

1. Angel – Axie Infinity

Of course it’s not surprising to find a creature from Axie Infinity on this list – it’s not without reason one of the most popular crypto games ever made and on both our Top 5 NFT Games and best play to earn games. It has a notoriously high ‘entrance fee’ and requires an investment of several hundred dollars for people to even be able to play – and then the better ones got more and more expensive all the way up to Angel.

The Mystic Axie has sold for 300 ETH, or currently 1.1 million USD.

Angel Axie Infinity

Axieinfinity Marketplace

2. Dragon – CryptoKitties

The pioneer among NFT games, CryptoKitties, made headlines with how much money people were willing on the colourful cats. The most expensive one ever sold was a pale purple kitty by the name of Dragon – and she sold for a whopping 600 ETH. While that would be about 2.3 million USD now, at the time it was still an impressive 1.3 million price tag, more than double what the next-most-expensive cat (Founder Cat #18) sold for – still 253 ETH, at the time about half a million.


Dragon Cryptokitties

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3. Voxie #7893

A unique Voxie with the ‘Godly’ attribute, number 7893 sold for 80 Eth before the game behind Voxies was even out. That’s more than $300k, and it sets a pricy precedent for the Voxie NFT collection, where other rare creatures have sold around the 20-25 Eth mark around the same time. Unlike Axie Infinity which is well established in the crypto gaming market, Voxie is nowhere near its peak yet since the actual game behind it isn’t released yet – the record of #7893 might not stand the test of time!


Voxie #7893

4. Hyperion – Gods Unchained

Card games are a popular choice for NFT projects – they ideally connect with the collectible aspect of NFT games… and among them, Gods Unchained is definitely one of the most popular ones. Within it, the game, there are countless card NFTs, but only one stands out properly – that would be Hyperion. A rare completely unique card (so there is only one in existence), Hyperion is one of the four Genesis Titans in the game. It sold for 137 Eth, which at the time of sale was about $60k. Now, it would be more than half a million dollars.


most expensive crypto gaming nfts sold

5. Ja Morant Dunk – NBA Top Shot

Only three NFTs featuring the legendary dunk clip exist – and one of them has been sold for more than $100k. They are now for sale for almost 5 times that, while other cards are on sale for (but haven’t actually sold at) more than a million dollars. Among Ja Morant’s more ‘expensive’ colleagues are of course LeBron James, Derrick Rose, Vince Carter and Zion Williamson.


JA Morant Dunk NFT

Keep in mind our selection only snippets coveted NFTs at the time of publication and prices and value might change quickly throwing our rankings out of whack. We will keep the article up to date with any new acquisitions that make our top most valuable crypto gaming NFTs list.


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