NFT Game Gods Unchained to Integrate Token Staking in 2022

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Last year was a success for Gods Unchained. The GODS token airdrop as well as the weekly play-to-earn feature have helped boost the game’s popularity. Gods Unchained showed a lot of progress in 2021, thanks to growth in Divine Order and the re-opening of the Forge. Plans for 2022 include a staking system for GODS tokens. How will this development affect the game and economy?

Moving their card NFTs over to Immutable X in April of 2021 was just the beginning of a glorious year for Gods Unchained. Coupled with a new card set release in the summer, the market activity for Gods Unchained has seen astounding growth. The initial release of the GODS token along with a new play to earn system and a re-activated Forge, has resulted in a major increase in game activity. But the excitement doesn’t end there! The Gods Unchained team has all sorts of plans for 2022!

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more games played every month in 2021

Divine Order Balance Phase

The Gods Unchained team announced another extension for the balance phase of their latest card set, Divine Order. After already extending it previously in November of 2021, this latest extension continues the balancing phase until February 26, 2022.

This time, the new Armor mechanic is causing problems. Creatures with Armor get to ignore damage from each attack according to their armor level. So even 1 point of Armor makes a creature immune to damage from many other creatures. And a creature with buffed up armor becomes nearly unkillable in combat! I would expect to see one or two patches affecting Divine Order cards between now and the deadline.

When the balance phase is officially complete, the cards in this set will be locked, and their stats and card text become immutable.

What’s ahead for Gods Unchained in 2022?

Gods Unchained has a number of notable projects planned for 2022. The biggest item for those with a more financial-oriented interest, is a staking system for the GODS token. Stakers will be rewarded with more tokens and the staking rewards pool will refill from fees paid at the Forge.

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Forge those shinies!

To keep the Forge active, fusing cards to create shiny versions should also land sometime in 2022. This has been a long-promised feature that many players are looking forward to. If they stick with their previous plans, each level of increased shine will require Forging five cards from the previous shine level (ie five Meteorites -> one Shadow; five Shadows -> one Gold; etc). This feature will not only create a continued demand for the GODS token, but it will also serve to decrease the overall supply of cards for all the non-Core sets!

But how many people are going to want to pay extra for Shiny cards? Well, quite a few probably. And once the new system goes live, decks with a higher number of shiny cards can earn more points towards GODS rewards! Likely linked with staking, $GODS also promises player governance features. Token holders vote on proposals related to the GODS token such as allocating reserves, community distribution, token supply, and grants.

In another sink for GODS, the official Gods Unchained store will soon start requiring 20% of purchase prices be paid in GODS tokens. If you don’t have GODS tokens or don’t want to use yours, the conversion will happen in the background. These token fees also add to the staking rewards pool.

Other projects in the works include daily play to earn systems, a mobile version, new game modes, and new expansion sets! Overall, this is a very exciting roadmap for Gods Unchained. They seem to be setting up a nice system loop to keep their play to earn economy both running and in-check at the same time, while also improving and expanding on the game itself. The future looks bright!

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a free to play, collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain, that uses the Immutable X layer-2 solution. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital ‘Core’ cards by playing the game. When a player has two identical Core cards, they can mint these into one blockchain-based card. That card is then tradeable on the Immutable X market for zero gas fees.

Gods Unchained features several play to earn mechanics. Players gain cards by being active players, win packs by competing in the weekend tournaments, and earn $GODS tokens during the Blessing of the Gods event.

The third card set after Genesis and Trial of the Gods, Divine Order introduces several new game mechanics and 190 new cards. Even though the Divine Order set is still undergoing balance changes, players can buy and open packs from the official site.

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the Champions await

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