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Here is a top 3 list of popular current and highly anticipated upcoming NFT games. Gaming is currently a space where NFTs are making inroads and money is being heavily invested into these partnerships. Guild of Guardians is of particular interest to this site due to the relationship with Immutable.

The gaming industry is the most popular and the most loved industry in the world. It is a perfect combination of entertainment and joy. The gaming industry is evolving from its initial launch many years ago and now they have entered the world of NFTs on a high note. This combination of two domains has been said to overcome all the challenges that were faced by the developer and the player. Therefore, NFT games are welcomed with open hands by the gaming community, and they are often labelled as play-to-earn crypto games. In this blog, we will have a clear insight into the best NFT games that are available right now, and also let’s have a quick introduction about NFT games.

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NFT Gaming Platform

In the past, gaming platforms have been only focused on the developers and the companies that own the gaming platform. The complete revenue and profits generated from these games are only distributed and shared among these parties and the only thing, players get is the joy and entertainment of playing the game. To fix this problem, NFTs are used in video games and it has completely changed the way, how a game is played and created a new division called money-making NFT gaming.

The complete functioning of the game is processed via NFTs. The in-game assets represented inside the game are in the form of NFTs and the complete architecture of the game is laid out by the blockchain network. Hence, the NFTs in the game is secured. These NFTs are traded over secondary marketplaces and profits are generated. To be more specific, players are getting paid to play NFT games and it is a great way to enjoy games and make them a business

Top 3 Best NFT Games at Present

Top NFT games, Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is one of the most popular and very exciting NFT games that is going to be released this year. This money-making NFT game is built on the Immutable X platform. This Immutable X platform is the first layer-2 solution that is developed on the Ethereum blockchain which aims at NFTs. This platform is working towards providing a perfect play-to-earn ecosystem to the players by releasing a wide range of modes such as role-playing and P2E mechanisms.

The priority of the game is to bring the players together in a multiplayer setting and enable them to trade their in-game asset NFTs that were won on various secondary marketplaces. The future of this play-to-earn game is very bright. This game involves various milestones of trading NFTs at a high rate. This game is expected to be a top-tier play-to-earn android game because of its excellent interface of representing RPG themes at its best and with the innovative utilization of blockchain technology, the gaming community is anticipated to grow more around the NFT game economy.

2022 top NFT games, galaxy Fight Club

Galaxy Fight Club is a Player V Player (PvP) based NFT game that brings in a wide range of NFT collections to the platform. To be more specific, this game is very different from other NFT games. This game allows players to enter the platform and play the game as the NFT that they own and it is also available for players who do not own NFTs. This game is available in PC and mobile versions; the galaxy fight club is more often played as a play-to-earn NFT mobile game.

Galaxy Fight Club is a cross-chain-based game that involves the functioning of the cross-IP mechanism where players who own various unique NFTs can battle each other to gain rewards in the form of NFTs. These NFTs are in-game assets and these in-game asset NFTs are traded over marketplaces to undergo the process of monetization. The ultimate goal of this money-making NFT game is to construct a perfect gaming environment for the players and help them to experience the joy of gaining profits at a high level.

Axie Infinity best of NFT games

Axie Infinity is one of the latest entrants to the crypto gaming sector. This NFT game focuses on creating a perfect battle-themed gaming experience for the players. This can be also termed as the perfect “Play To Earn” game. Like every other gaming platform, this game has in-game assets as NFTs and they are traded over various secondary marketplace platforms.

The entire core of the Axie Infinity game is based on the creatures called Axies. These axies are bred and trained for battles. These creatures are sent to various battles among other players and the winner gains an enormous amount of rewards. These rewards are later traded on marketplaces. The main beneficial factor of this game is that players can own NFTs from this gaming metaverse and need not necessarily have to play in the future to hold ownership over the gained NFTs; players can own the NFTs as long as they want. With its constant evolution in blockchain technology, Axie Infinity is expected to reach great heights as one of the best NFT games in the world.

Final Thoughts

There is a wide range of NFT games in the crypto space. It is hard to choose the perfect one and start entering the world of play-to-earn crypto games. This proves a strong point that NFTs and blockchain technology are here to stay and they are just warming up. The evolution and the growing space of this domain are expected to expand to vast lengths. This domain also provides an opportunity for people who wants to make it their primary business. In order to do that, getting into contact with a top-tier NFT gaming company is the perfect solution. Hence, now is the time, and do not miss it!

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