How to Buy IMX Token | 2022 Trading Guide

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Immutable is on a roll recently, with many new partnerships and a recent Series C funding taking the company valuation to $2.5B (that’s billion). The price of IMX token since release had dropped 85% coinciding with the recent bear market in bitcoin and crypto in general. The positive news appears to have halted the downtrend and it is expected that interest in trading IMX tokens will increase. Use this guide if you are interested in buying IMX token. As always this is not investment advice, please do you own research and seek the help of qualified financial professionals.

In 2021, traders experienced a huge increase in the Ethereum network’s usage. Every day, more people began using the blockchain and the network could not handle the load. High use caused an increase in fees, as those who paid more fees were able to process their transactions quickly, which resulted in situations where a $100 transaction could have up to $50 in fees. Many projects looked for ways to solve the problem. Immutable X (IMX) hopes to solve it by creating a layer-2 solution for Ethereum. Specifically, it is looking to reduce high fees in the Ethereum non-fungible token (NFT) space.

What is Immutable X?

A layer-2 network like Immutable X attempts to draw workload away from the base layer, typically the Ethereum mainnet. Layer 2s help reduce the load on the main network, which in turn lowers fees and increases throughput. In the case of Ethereum, its founder Vitalik Buterin believes that Ethereum will be “all-in” on layer 2 in the near future. 

Since Ethereum’s network is so robust, it would require a lot of resources to become a layer-2 solution for the entire network. Immutable X solves this problem by offering layer 2 exclusively for NFTs. This way, it can create a better user experience in the NFT space without having to dole out the resources to become a layer 2 for all Ethereum transactions. 

To process transactions, Immutable X sends Ethereum using the base layer while using its own second layer to send NFTs. This process allows it to capitalize on the security of Ethereum without having to require gas fees on all transactions and to have an extremely high throughput. The founders of Immutable X believe that the project could be scaled up to process more than 9,000 transactions per second (TPS). 

Another major benefit of Immutable X is its minting capabilities. When minting an NFT, users typically have to pay gas fees to create it on the blockchain and then send it to the owner. Some NFT projects can have more than 20,000 NFTs, so costs can add up quickly. Immutable X does not have gas fees, so it is much more cost-effective for NFTs to be minted on Immutable X. The founders of the project believe that this feature will be a major selling point for new users. 

Brief History of Immutable X

Immutable X was founded by brothers James and Robbie Ferguson, both members of the Forbes 30 under 30 list for success in previous ventures. The team consists of over 100 employees, with backgrounds ranging from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. In the initial funding round, the project raised over $15 million from Coinbase Ventures, as well as several other venture capital firms.

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The token, IMX, was released in November 2021. It quickly hit a high of nearly $10 before falling to its current price level of around $1.80.

How to Buy IMX Token

Now that you have a basic understanding of Immutable X, you may be interested in purchasing the token. Luckily, it is readily available on multiple prominent exchanges, including Coinbase.

Open an online account

The first step to purchasing IMX is to open an online account on a supported trading platform. While a variety of crypto brokerages offer the token, 2 in particular stand out due to their low fees, security and ease of use. Coinbase and Kucoin are both great trading platforms that offer IMX. There are many exchanges where IMX token is available and yo will have to make a decision.

Your choice in exchanges to trade IMX token will be determined by whether or not:

  • The IMX token is available on that particular exchange
  • The particular exchange is allowed to operate in your country
  • You accept the characteristics of the exchange itself (trading fees, security)

To open an account on any platform, head over to the website or app and create an account using an email and password. You may then have to verify your account using basic personal information. Once you have a verified account, you can fund it by connecting your bank account. Other methods of funding include credit card, paypal and wire transfer.

Make your purchase

With your funded and verified Coinbase or Kucoin account, you will usually need to exchange your fiat currency into one of the big cryptocurrencies. It will be either bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH) or US Dollar Tether (USDT). When searching for IMX token in your trading platform you will notice that the token is shown in a pair with the larger coin on the right side like IMX/BTC or IMX/ETH. The most common one on many exchanges is IMX/USDT so it is most likely that you will have to exchange your fiat for USDT. Coinbase Pro actually has the IMX/USD pair so you could trade US dollars directly for IMX token thereby saving on some fees!

Enter in the amount you would like to purchase in your trading platform and execute the trade. From there, your IMX can be found in your portfolio. 

Buy a crypto wallet (optional)

While storing your IMX on Coinbase or Kucoin is the easiest, it may not be the safest because the exchanges have full custody of your funds. If they were to be hacked, they could lose your coins and tokens. Wallets allow users to have full discretion over their funds and can be safer than storing on an exchange. 

Best Cryptocurrency Wallets for IMX Token

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger

Hardware wallets are physical devices that store the private codes needed to send crypto. If the physical device is not present to confirm transactions, then crypto cannot be sent.

Ledger is a leading brand of hardware wallet known for its safety and usability. It currently offers Nano S and Nano X models. The Nano S offers basic features while the Nano X is designed for easier use with bluetooth connectivity and a larger screen. 

Best Software Wallet: Coinbase Wallet

Software wallets store private codes online instead of on a physical device. While not as safe, they can provide more mobility and are often free.

Coinbase Wallet is a free software wallet that supports IMX. The software wallet is known for its usability and clean interface.

Trade, Sell or Convert your Immutable X

To sell your position, navigate back to IMX using the search feature. Enter in the amount you would like to sell and execute the trade. You can then find your BTC, ETH or USDT in your portfolio, which can either be kept on the exchange or your crypto wallet. Exchange those for fiat if you want money back in your bank account.

Is Immutable X a Good Investment?

Immutable X is still a very new project and has not yet gained loads of attention. The project can go two ways: it can fizzle out and decline in price or gain steam and appreciate in value. It is impossible to know which way it will go. However, the ideas behind it are solid. The only question is execution. If IMX can execute on its large plans, then there is certainly room for growth.

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